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Mississippi-based Hip-Hop recording artist, Lonnie Davis aka LD4L aspired to rap at an early age. Born in Jacksonville, Florida and then moving to Kinston, NC he grew up listening to acts such as Nas, Fabolous and Mobb Deep, all of whom he credits his style of flow to.  Many of his family members hail from the east coast, especially Newark, NJ so his demeanor carries this influence as well.  
   At the age of 12, LD4L began to pursue rap further and developed his skills and delivery by rapping with and around older lyricists.  After he moved to Mississippi, he began recording music in the studio. He has since completed four studio albums.  His first album entitled, DJSW was created in mourning the loss of friends. He followed it with Rude Awakening, Lost Files and his current project, LD4L The Album.
   Becoming a father back in 2019 also caused him to apply pressure in everything he does.  His consistency and go-getter mentality has led people to take notice of his talents and drive.  He has since signed with Certified Nation Entertainment.  As LD4L candidly states, “It’s only up from here.”