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Jae Law Aka Hindrix fell in love with music as a young child raised in the DMV.
Initially he would sing and memorize films.By age eleven he began rapping due to
the encouragement of his older brother.This was the time in which he began to
study hip hop and every facet of the culture.


Law has stated that he grew up in the most lyrical era of the hip hop genre and
the respect he has for the craft is why he is here today. He delivers a versatile style
complete with authenticity and a cadence all his own. He prides himself in the
honesty of his music, speaking only on real events in his life.


Jae Law Aka Hindrix provides listeners with an understanding of various points of
view. He candidly describes the prison system, depression, anxiety, paranoia
and loneliness. He also uplifts with messages of love, hope and strength. As

a voice and open book for the people the story continues.