Here at Certified Nation Entertainment we provide cutting edge service to clients such as digital promotion/ marketing, audio & visual engineering, digital distribution and more. All Things start with consultation. Every client requires different strategies based on specific needs. We review quotation requests to base pricing and services off certain needs. Depending on results of our analysis taken from these requests some clients may not be deemed eligible for certain services. To request services please view our listing below and complete our request form.


By speaking with you to determine your goals and assessing your brands work and presence, we design a carefully carved out plan of action to get you to your desired destination. How can one provide a branding service to an unknown entity with honesty? The answer is simple. It clearly can not be done successfully for the client's best interest. We deal with honesty and transparency this is why we provide this important step.


Promotion/Marketing is another vital key to success. This service is a must. How can a talent be recognized without it? Another simple answer, They can't. Some of the greatest talents exist today that no one will ever know of because they are never pushed into the sights of the masses. 

Utilizing curator connections and various marketing strategies we provide our clients with Organic digital 
marketing results. Due to the use of Organic methods to provide our clients with real human exposure 
some campaigns may take longer than others. Our team works until the quoted number is secured.

 • We utilize email marketing via targeted leads 
• We embed your music, video, or profile on various related websites 
• We create Backlinks for your music, video, or profiles for google ranking


Top notch high quality sound is a strong requirement to reach the pinnacle of the game. From High Definition award winning sound production to custom high quality beats you can find it here. Our team also provides visual production and affiliated DJ hosting.

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