The Lion Pawm Twinnz


Identical twins, Ian and Leon Walters aka Lion Pawm Twinnz were born on January 16,1981.  Raised in the Parish of Clarendon Jamaica, music resonated with them at an early age.  They followed Reggae music, heavily capturing the vibes, culture and energy.


In 2001, the Twinnz migrated to the United States, where they acquired opportunities to learn and understand the best of both worlds.  As they adapted to the American Hip Hop culture they combined the energetic culture of Reggae music and became inspired to become artists and audio engineers.


As their artistry grew over the years the Twinnz performed with various major and local artists such as Power Man, Assassin, Turbulence, Sizzla, Wayne Wonder, Sanchez, Ding Dong, Steven Genius, Freddy Mcgregor, Everton Blender, Don Angelo, Tony Matterhorn, Serani, I Octane and more.  In 2010, they released their first single “Crazy Problem” internationally.  Due to marketing and publishing issues it didn’t garner the exposure and success it deserved. However, this inspired them to work harder and pursue new challenges.

The Twinnz developed a motto “Making things happen in Love, Peace and Oneness”.  Their continued drive ,determination, and belief in the almighty led to them combining their love of food for the soul and music.  This in turn gave birth to “Jerk Chicken and Sauce” in 2014.  Not only is it still a hit to this day, the sauce has also garnered massive attention.  Ian Walters became the Director of Audio Production/Studio under Certified Nation Entertainment with his brother Leon at his side continuing the artistry.  Their new album “The Coming” will be released in 2021. The music includes positive messages and a different prospective of today’s world.

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